Finally from September on you will be able to fly with Ryanair at discounted prices!
In fact from August 17th 2017 the new partnership between Erasmus Student Network and Ryanair, the largest European airline, has been activated.

Here are the details of the partnership:

- The discount is exclusively dedicated to ESNcard holders. If you still don’t have one, come to our desk and purchase it.
- Ryanair offers to all ESNcard holders a 15% fare discount and one free 15kg checked-in bag on 8 single flights, or 4 return flights per academic year.
- The offer is valid starting from September 2017 to June 15th 2018 on flights booked at least 28 days in advance!

To activate the offer just follow these simple steps:
- Once you have it, register on the website, inserting the number of your ESNcard, which is necessary to activate your discount, and your personal info, which will identify you and verify the validity of the discounts. Pay attention to fill in all the blanks in your user profile!!
- Go on myRyanair and sign up creating your personal account (if you already have an account, you will just have to log in)
- Go on the Ryanair website, click on Plan -> Explore -> Erasmus and follow the instructions.
- Wait until your ESNcard is validated (you may have to wait some days).
- Once it is validated, use the booking widget at the Erasmus section of your myRyanair dashboard: only in this way you can obtain the discounted fares reserved for the ESNcard possessors.

For more information go on
If instead you still have some questions, check the FAQ here.

Customers are reminded to relax and fasten their seatbelts, here we go!!! Have a nice trip!